PG Diploma in Strategic Project Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Project Management | Westford University College Dubai, Sharjah, Jeddah, Riyadh, UAE, KSA

PG Diploma in Strategic Project Management

Awarded by – Cambridge International Qualifications (CIQ), UK

Strategic project management differentiates itself from other project management offerings by providing greater emphasis on the strategic requirement in managing a portfolio of projects to deliver organizational goals. In this way, strategic project management encompasses both project management as a process to deliver end products and change management as a process of capturing the rational and emotional buy-in of the people affected by change to ensure its success. Strategic project management is the management of projects in such a way as to develop competencies and capabilities, which contribute to the firm’s sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Delivery Model
  • Course Duration
  • Course Certified By
  • Course level
  • Onsite /Online
  • 10 Weeks
  • CIQ
  • 7 (Postgraduate)

Course Contents

  • Understand the fundamentals of Strategic Project Management and Project planning.
  • Define Strategic Project Management and Introduction to Project Management
  • Examine what strategy is
  • Examine the strategic relationship between various project dimensions like cost, scope, time and performance.
  • Understand the role of Project Manager, authority, leadership and management in delivering projects
  • Gain knowledge on Project planning and the implementation of project planning.
  • How to develop a project and create a risk plan in the strategic context
  • To examine the development of vision, mission, goals and objectives for project
  • Understand and implement the use of a Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) to plan a project
  • Learn to create a project risk plan to define the project risks and risk assessment process.
  • Gain knowledge on risk control and managing multi-project risks.
  • Understanding the management of a project team and the importance of a project manager being a strategic leader
  • Analyze the importance of team building and development in strategic project management
  • Understand and evaluate the successful leadership styles and the importance of motivation in strategic project management
  • Analyze the strategic leadership skills required in Project Management.

Intended Audience

This course will be an apt choice for a seasoned Project Managers or someone who wants to start a career in
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