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Global MBA Programs in Trinidad & Tobago

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Trinidad and Tobago is known for its highly academic driven education sector and a populace with a growing appetite for higher learning. This has been energized by a competitive labour market and the demand for highly skilled workers and professionals within its petrochemical, retail and manufacturing industries. There are also other important drivers contributing to this, which has been bringing opportunities to transnational education partners like Westford University College.

Trinidad and Tobago, is considered to be one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean region, with one of the highest GDPs per capita of the Americas. This, along with its highly educated workforce and a stable democracy, are additional indicators of a society that has valued education over the years. Though the economy has struggled somewhat in the very recent past as a result of low oil prices and plunging gas prices sold on the world market, there are plans ahead for a diversified economy, that will see long term investments and sustainable development in the shipping and maritime services, financial services, eco-tourism and the expansion of its budding yachting industry.

While the World Bank advised that the economic growth will slow to 2.6 percent in 2019, their prospects remain high with an eventual growth rate of up to 2.8 percent by 2021. The economy is also now positioned to be on the upswing, enjoying favorable gas prices, a stabilise and promising economic plan and increasing international reserves due to fiscal adjustments.

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“The future of this nation lies in the school bags of our children”. These were the words of Trinidad and Tobago’s first Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams. As a nation, many students have embraced this ideal, retooling and up scaling their skills to Master’s degree level, a must have in a very competitive working environment. But students are not just attending the traditional tertiary institutions available across the English speaking Caribbean and while some are fortunate enough to go abroad on full and partial scholarships, others are seeking the online route. This is now a common option for working professionals who can access virtual learning degrees. The transnational education model has been with T and T, since the mid to late 90s. However, tutoring was done mostly on campus with local faculty and sometimes foreign lecturers.

This model is set to take on a new dimension, where tuition and administrative support is now done online. This model is also gaining rapid interest with the potential for expansion both in the undergraduate and tertiary studies domain. Students are also in search of flexible and affordable study programs, a service that Westford University College is known to provide. Westford’s online MBA program is tailored towards the demands of the corporate world, without geographical or cultural limitations. Our students are diverse, which add to the online classroom experience. We also guarantee that our online MBA program will provide the student, mostly the ones in executive jobs, with the same exposure and expectations similar to that of an onsite, traditional MBA. All this is and more is achieved with an affordable cost structure, a very experienced academic team and our dedicated administrative support.

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Westford MBA’s are offered with specialization in Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics Management, Health Care Management, HR & Psychology, Sales & Marketing, International Business Management, and Financial Management and in Information Technology. Our higher education programs are classified in to three categories, that are

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