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Saudi Arabia is all set to transform into the Arab World’s largest economy. A vibrant, thriving, expanding and progressive nation is the Vision for 2030 of Saudi Arabia. In 2019, the country’s focus is on the development of its economy by reducing the dependency on oil and investing heavily on non-oil-based industry to diversify its reach across the world. At the very center of this change is the Human Capital of the nation. it is important now more than ever to prepare the country’s workforce for a diversified and knowledge-based economy.

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Eight sectors that will generate growth and jobs


Mining and Metals






Retail and Wholesale Trade


Tourism and Hospitality






Health Care

These sectors could contribute more than 60% of the growth needed to double GDP by 2030

As the Saudi professionals gear up to take charge of exciting new projects as a part of the Vision 2030, the need for internationally accredited MBA programs in Saudi Arabia is acute. A challenging MBA program can play a vital role in enhancing the skills and knowledge of a professional. An emerging economy is always looking for individuals who can lead and manage a project, a department or a company. An MBA graduate will be able to do just that, as the knowledge gained during an MBA is not limited to their core profession but also extended across departments such as operations, Supply Chain, Human Resource, Sales, Marketing, Sustainability, Finance and much more.

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The online MBA at Westford University College is designed keeping in mind the changing economic condition and the expectations of an individual’s career growth. The One Year MBA comprises of assignments, presentations, networking, peer to peer learning and much more. Westford Online MBA provides the same level of exposure and experience as a traditional MBA but without the associated costs and with much higher returns. Westford MBA’s are offered with specialization in Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics Management, Health Care Management, HR & Psychology, Sales & Marketing, International Business Management, Financial Management and in Information Technology.

Hays, Saudi Arabia states, “it is clear that the business landscape in Saudi Arabia is at a significant turning point with huge and unprecedented opportunities for business ahead. As investment and infrastructure continues to build, we expect more and more organizations, of all sectors, to be drawn to the Kingdom; setting up satellite offices in-region rather than servicing from neighboring locations such as the UAE, as has been the case so far. Predictions from Amazon-owned Company, Payfort suggest that the market is to double in size from 2017 and is to be worth $22 billion by 2020.”

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